The Brahms guitar is a relatively new design developed by guitarist Paul Galbraith and the late luthier David Rubio.  It is a unique instrument in that it is played in the cello position, while increasing the range with an additional treble and bass string.  The guitar features fanned frets and a cello style endpin.

I designed a tailpiece for this guitar to allow the endpin to be angled and adjusted, while allowing the strings to be tied to it. Angling the endpin results in greater stability while playing in the vertical posture, not to mention the comfort of easily adjusting it to any height. In addition, the strings can be tied directly to the tailpiece to take some tension off the bridge. Note: The video is of Paul Galbraith playing a Brahms guitar built by David Rubio.

“I got my guitar today and I love it! It is a fantastic instrument in just about every way: aesthetics, workmanship, materials, quality of tone, volume, weight, ease of playability, and CHARM! I am so glad I waited and got this particular instrument. Congratulations on a wonderful design and execution, and thank you for making the special effort to produce such an wonderful guitar.” -Tim Miklaucic